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Copper pipesSchweitzer’s first opened its doors in 1975. Since then, we have become known as one of the region’s best plumbing companies for both the quality of our services and our care of the community. We have plumbers who are certified gasfitters, so that we never have to upcharge for outsourcing jobs with gas lines. This allows us to offer quotes securely and with accuracy. If you’re in need of new installs, backflow testing, city connection resolutions, valve fixes, sump pump replacement or repair, or any other plumbing needs, we’re here for you. If you're looking for great deals on water heaters, reverse osmosis drinking systems, water softeners, faucets, fixtures, or parts, we are ready to help. Call or come in with any plumbing needs, big or small; we are the experts you need.


As many in the region already know, Schweitzer’s also has a renovation branch of the company called Schweitzer’s Bath & Kitchen. You’ll often see our renovation vans on the road, or our lawn signs on our clients' lawns. While the renovation jobs are not limited solely to kitchens and bathrooms, it has become a benchmark of quality to have a renovation completed by Schweitzer’s. Visit our showroom or click the centre icon on the right of your screen for more information.


Our modern kitchen and bathroom showroom features the finest in faucets, custom cabinetry, modular pieces, and accessories. From top-end, technology-integrated fixtures to frugal, high-quality items, we have the selection to make your project perfect just for you. Heated floors, custom body showers, and relaxing whirlpool baths are sure to make your bathroom feel as good as it looks.


With over 20 years of specializing in renovations, our design staff will help you every step of the way. No need to run from showroom to showroom, we have it all in one place. By helping you choose colours and textures, fixtures and faucets, and your style of cabinetry, we can make your dreams a reality. Our expert installers will ensure your renovation will be of the highest quality and completed on time. Bring your ideas and plans, and we will work with you to make them happen.





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Does Schweitzer’s offer free plumbing quotes?

Yes, all quotes are at no cost to you.
If we need to send a technician to diagnose an appliance or piece of equipment there will be a $59 charge. However, if you choose to have the item repaired or replaced, that diagnostic fee will be credited back to you.

Does Schweitzer’s do backflow testing, installations, and surveys?

Yes. We have Backflow technicians licensed & certified with the Ontario Clean Water Association (OCWA).

Does Schweitzer’s work on heating & air conditioning equipment?

We install and service boilers, radiators, floor heating systems, and snow melt systems. We do not sell, install, or service forced air heating or air conditioning equipment, otherwise known as HVAC.

Why don’t I have hot water?

You may be running out of hot water if the requirement is greater than what your tank can provide. Tankless hot water heaters solve this problem because they provide endless hot water, but only when you need it. If you have no hot water at all, the heating element or burner may not be operating and will likely require repair. Depending on the age of the water heater, replacement may need to be considered. Tankless hot water heaters supply endless hot water, while saving on your utility bill.

Should I have a water softener?

If you live in Waterloo Region, you probably have hard water. Most homes and businesses have a water softener to help alleviate the problems on plumbing systems & equipment. Damage from calcium, magnesium and iron in hard water can result in expensive repairs and premature replacement of plumbing systems and fixtures. Soft water is gentle; it allows soaps and cleaners to lather and perform efficiently. Soft water also leaves you with clean and noticeably softer skin and hair.

Why has my water bill suddenly increased?

A leaking toilet flapper or broken toilet fill valve is often why. The most common cause of expensive water bills is due to a malfunctioning toilet. If your're unsure, Schweitzer's can always preform a Water Audit for the entire home and find any and all leaks that may cause a high water bill.

What is a reverse osmosis drinking water system, and why is it recommended?

Removes sodium from our water. Sodium is introduced through the water softening process. It also removes many other harmful contaminants such as lead, arsenic, chlorine, and nitrates commonly found in municipal water supplies. Microplastics, now found in our tap water and bottled water can also be effectively removed through a reverse osmosis drinking water system.

Should I have my sump pump checked?

If you live in a home with a high ground water table, it might be good to have your sump pump checked annually, before spring rains and snow water run-off cause a flood. Alarms and  battery backup systems are always a sound investment, particularly inside homes with finished basements.

Click here to see the latest sump pumps, battery back up pumps, alarms and related accessories.

I need a warranty validation. What warranties do you have?

Please contact us for any warranty related inquires. If you have any supporting product paperwork, receipts or can provide photographs, our service department will assist you with warranty support.

Microplastics are now being found in drinking water. How can I protect myself?

Many people still do not know how prevalent an issue this is and will continue to become. With this recent push to increase awareness surrounding microplastics, there has also been a surge in the search for a solution. One of the best solutions for individual residences at the moment rests on residential plumbing. Many plumbers are considering it a heavy burden to spread awareness about microplastics and the way reverse osmosis drinking water systems can cycle-filter them out of drinking water, drastically decreasing the amount consumed.

Click here to learn more about the advantages of tankless reverse osmosis drinking water systems for your home or business.

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